Yams-Arrow roots 1kg


Yams are tuber crops and Uganda is one of the countries in Africa that grow yams as a food crop. Though the crop is grown in most parts of the country, there is more concentrated growing for it in the central and eastern regions.

Yams are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One cup (136 grams) of baked yams provides. Calories: 158, Carbs: 37 grams, Protein: 2 grams, Fat: 0 grams, Fiber: 5 grams, Vitamin C: 18% of the Daily Value (DV), Vitamin B5: 9% of the DV, Manganese: 22% of the DV, Magnesium: 6% of the DV, Potassium: 19% of the DV, Thiamine: 11% of the DV, Copper: 23% of the DVFolate: 6% of the DV.

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Ejuni lya Bwaise as commonly known in Uganda
Nduma for kenyans.