Sesame Paste (Simsim) Nyim 400g


Tomatoe sauce with odii. 4 portions 20 minutes

1)Boil water 5cups
2)Add bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon
3) add salt or any seasoning of your choice
4) Add tomatoes 🍅5
5) Let it cook for about 8 minutes
6) take off the stove and add odii. Stirr well well
7 Serve with Maganjo maize bread/millet bread/ Sweet potatoes/Matoke etc


This product specifically is grown and processed from Gulu, Northern Uganda and is a product sourced by the company with a purpose of empowering women farmers from rural areas to provide market for their agricultural products so that their household incomes can be increased. The company through its experience, expertise and processes provides value additions and thorough inspection to ensure that the products can be available on the shelves of world stores and homes.

It is important to note that; THIS PRODUCT IS PRODUCED IN THE SAME FACTORY THAT ALSO HANDLES NUTS. Any person with allergies to nuts is not recommended to consume it.