Mixed Spices (100g)


100% pure and natural.

No Additives.


Use in seasoning curries, casseroles, garnishing pasta dishes, barbecued meat dishes and most Indian dishes. It’s also used in cakes, especially fruit cakes, buns, biscuits and cookies. It is also added to vegetables.

Available in: 100g

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Cinnamon, Coriander seeds, Nutmeg, Cardamoms, Cloves, Ginger and Bay leaves.

Attention: may contain some allergens, carefully read ingredients or refer to the manufacturer specification for details.

Sealed for Freshness & Aroma

Tropical Heat spices & masala mixes are carefully cleaned, roasted & blended to achieve a unique aroma & flavor which enhances the taste of your food.

Tropical Heat spices come to you with complete assurance of quality and trace-ability and are processed in a modern and hygienic spice processing plant.