Beans (Red Kidney) 1kg


Dry Beans kidney

Beans are one of sixteen (16) major food crops grown in Uganda. There are different varieties of beans but the most notorious are; the red-speckled kidneys, locally known as Nambale, bush type, red with white speckles, large size seeds along with the white speckled kidney beans also known as sugar beans, bush type, white with red speckles, large size seeds which we have in stock. Beans are inexpensive, simple to prepare and healthy. They can be cooked in many different ways, including boiling, frying, and baking, and are used in many traditional dishes throught the world.

Beans  are a great way to load up on fiber and plant- based protein. They contain decent amounts of zinc, copper,manganese, selenium and vitamins.



Naturally grown beans.

  1. packed in 1kg piece. 10 pieces.

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Weight 1 kg