Bitter Berries (Katunkuma) 3kg


Vitamin C which helps in boosting one’s immunity. The little berries are also packed with antioxidants which are necessary for helping the body fight effects from pollution.
The environment is filled with lots of pollution from industrial smoke, waste and so much more. However, with katunkuma, the antioxidants therein allow for the body to fight off their effects such as cell damage



Commonly known as katunkuma, bitter berries are common among several cultures in Uganda. They are very small compared to their counterparts, ntula and very bitter. They are eaten as a side sauce mostly favoured by older people who have acquired the taste for their bitterness. In addition to adding taste to meals, bitter berries contain a number of medicinal and nutritional values.bitter berries are a great addition to fight against several ailments, most of which are lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes. “Bitter berries have lots of nutrients in them that help to get the body back to its natural state and ridding it of the toxins that cause some of these diseases.