Akabanga 100ML


Akabanga: Rwandan Chili oil.

It is a chili oil hot sauce made in Rwanda (located in East- Central Africa). It is a mix of African grown Scotch Bonnets, habanero peppers and vegetable oil. The name, “aka-banga” is Kinyarwanda and translates to “little secret”. Often referred to as Rwanda´s little secret oil. There´s a fruity, earthy quality to the oil, and it is slightly smokey. It offers a unique flavor and kick, so is definitely something to try as a discerning chilihead or foodie.

Use akabanga chili oil sparingly, as a little bit goes a long way. It can be added to soups, stews, grilled or smoked meats, could be part of a marinade, salad dressing or as a finishing oil. It is best to start with a few drops to test the heat and flavor, then add more from there.

Thinwhales International imports African foods Akabanga in Sweden, Germany,Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, France and Belgium.

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Akabanga is the most popular chilli oil in Africa, originating from Rwanda. Its use is diverse, perfectly complements the taste of many dishes by changing it after modest use. It is very sharp, expressive and original, unlike any other. Unknown in Europe, african style. The oil is made from 80% of the african variety blend, grown as Bonnet or Habanero and 20% vegetable oil (sunflower or olive).

In the local language the word “Akabanga” means “Little Secret”. The idea of a unique recipe appeared at the beginning of the 21st century and immediately conquered the hearts and palate of the Rwandans. Originally sold at Kigali bazaars, to hit the shelves quickly, becoming a gourmet hit. Bottles, although small, can last a long time, because each dish is just a few drops. We encourage you to try – you will not be disappointed.


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