The journey of the fresh produce we offer our customers begins at various orchards and farms in Africa for example Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda Tanzania and Congo, and from the rest of the world where we have accessibility to fairly assess and verify the work conditions of employees, technology and methods used in farming to ensure that pollution and exploitation do not form part of our supply chain process. We partner with third party farmers and growers to meet quality harvest and agreed quantity. For example in Uganda, the ministry of agriculture – www.agriculture.go.ug has to ensure quality and pest free harvest of crops before such phytosanitary certificates are issued for export on the European markets and globally.


From the farm we deliver to the warehouse for sorting as well as maintaining freshness. Expert quality control staff from the ministries of agriculture re-inspections before awarding a certificate to certify that the products meet export quality levels. The warehouses or sometimes commonly referred to as pack houses are routinely inspected and audited to ensure that they conform to the standards and re meet the requirements as stated in the UEPB- manual –www.ugandaexports.go.ug. The shipment is then forwarded to the port of exit and sent to destination country where similar and or more complex scrutiny is involved before customs clearance to be sent to final consumers or retailers’ shop.


We package our products  in cardboard trays, and in recycled or recyclable plastic bags and boxes ready for export, using modern packaging methods and materials that ensure freshness during long hauls by sea or air and land transportation. Our main objective during packaging is to maximize space for transportation and storage while minimizing product damage at the same time.


Being a sustainable and sustainability focused establishment, we strive to be part of the corporate world that seeks to reduce carbon emissions to meet the global goal as enshrined in the UN resolutions. For all the long lasting products handled by our company, we opt for sea transport as it has been scientifically proven that water vessels carry large volumes of products moreover releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  In using various means of transportation we also ensure that our produce reaches our customers in the best condition as fast as possible. We use refrigerated trucks to store some of our products in optimal conditions as they are transported from our Packaging Plant to the airport and beyond with the help of our service provider and world renown leaders when it comes to logistics and forwarding.

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